Not Working? is the default web address that lets users perform Amped wireless extender setup and login without any hassle. Apart from this, it also allows users to tweak the settings of their extenders after completing the Amped wireless extender setup process. However, at times, users face the not working issue while doing Amped range extender setup.

Are you endeavoring with the same problem? If you are nodding your head in yes, thankfully, you have landed on the right page.

Amped wireless extender

Here, we have summed up various tips following which you can easily access and do Amped wireless extender setup. But, before you do that, have a look at the reasons that might have dragged you to the not working issue in the first place.

Why is Not Working?

Given below are some of the major factors due to which you are facing the not working issue and can’t do Amped wireless extender setup::

  • You have entered the incorrect default web address of your Amped wireless range extender.
  • The internet connection you are using is poor.
  • You have mistakenly entered into the search bar of the web browser.
  • The Amped wireless range extender is dealing with technical glitches.
  • The Ethernet cable connection between your Amped wireless extender and the host router is insecure.
  • There is an immense gap between your Amped extender and router.
  • You didn’t update the firmware timely by accessing the Amped range extender login page.
  • VPN or proxy is enabled on the computer you are using to do Amped wireless extender setup via
  • The WiFi signals of your Amped range extender are getting distorted.

Irrespective of what might have driven you to the not working issue, the tips listed below will help you access and do Amped wireless extender setup in a hassle-free way. However, feel free to contact our experts at any hour of the day if you want a quick solution.

Resolving Not Working Issue

  • Ensure that you have entered into the address bar of the web browser. Typing it in the search bar of the web browser will only drag you to Amped extender setup issues. Apart from typing in the address bar of the web browser, you also need to take care of typing errors while doing so. Cross-check the web address of the extender before pressing the Enter key.
  • Have a look at the Ethernet cable connecting your Amped wireless extender and the host router. Is it worn out or damaged from any end? If your answer turns out to be yes, then you have spotted another reason stopping you from accessing and doing Amped extender setup. So, before you find yourself in any other Amped wireless setup issue, get the Ethernet cable replaced with a new one. Or even better, connect your WiFi devices with the help of a wireless source.
  • The communication between your WiFi devices will be patchy if the distance between them is immense. Therefore, make sure that both devices are placed in close proximity. However, keep in mind not to place them too close. Doing so will result in a clash of their WiFi signals inviting other Amped wireless setup issues.
  • Rebooting your Amped extender is another way of resolving the not working issue. Do you know why? Because it helps in eliminating technical glitches. The Amped range extender can be easily rebooted by unplugging it from the wall socket, waiting for some time, and plugging it back into the power source. Once done, try to access and see whether you are able to setup Amped wireless extender.
  • What happened? Still can’t get success with the Amped extender setup process via Well, in that case, you need to disable the VPS or proxy on the WiFi-enabled device you are using to setup Amped wireless extender. Apart from this, if you have installed antivirus software, disable it too. It is because antivirus softwis are known to halt access to various networking sites including
  • Is the web browser you are using to access updated? Well, outdated web browsers are another nuisance creator when it comes to doing Amped extender setup via Therefore, no matter whether you are using Apple Safari or Google Chrome, the web browser you are using to perform the Amped wireless setup must be running on an updated version. In addition, consider removing junk files from the web browser so that it won’t load the cached version of the Amped extender login page.
  • Bear in mind that the closeness of your Amped wireless range extender to transmitting appliances, metal objects, electronic gadgets, and reflexive surfaces can also result in the not working issue. Such things are greatly known for creating WiFi interference. To successfully access and do Amped wireless setup, you need to relocate your WiFi device.
  • If nothing works in your favor, then there is a high possibility that you didn’t setup Amped wireless extender properly. Therefore, we advise you to reset your extender and execute the Amped wireless setup process using the default web address.

Followed all the aforementioned tips and still struggling with the not working issue? If yes, get in touch with our profound experts and get the issue resolved at hand. Now, let us shed some light on the steps to do Amped extender setup via so that you can easily enjoy internet connectivity on your WiFi devices.

Amped Wireless Extender Setup via

I. Power Up the Extender

First of all, find a working wall socket in your home near the host router. Once found, plug your Amped wireless range extender into it and press the Power button. Make sure that there is no fluctuation in the power. If it is, consider using a UPS.

II. Connect Your WiFi Devices

The second step to do Amped wireless setup via is to create a connection between your WiFi devices. You are free to use a wired or a wireless source. Just make sure that the connection between them is not loose.

III. Open a Web Browser

Once your WiFi devices get connected successfully, switch on your PC or laptop. Open a web browser that you find convenient to use. However, be sure that the PC must be running on an updated software version. Else, you might face issues accessing and doing Amped extender setup.

IV. Access

Now, go to the address bar of the web browser and type into it. Press the Enter key. You will get redirected to the Amped extender login page.

V. Enter Login Details

On the login page, enter the default login username and password. Be careful while typing them as they are case-sensitive. In case you are unaware of the default Amped login details, refer to the user manual. Also, keep the Caps Lock key off on your keyboard during the Amped login process. Once you are done entering the Amped login details, click Login. You will see the Amped extender setup wizard. Reaching here, follow the on-screen instructions to setup Amped wireless extender.

This is how you can do Amped wireless extender setup via In case you are unable to do that even after going through the above-discussed Amped wireless setup guidelines, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts.

Doing Amped extender setup is not the only thing you need to do. You also have the responsibility to safeguard your WiFi network. The reason being the increase in the number of hackers. The chances of your WiFi network getting hacked increases if you haven’t changed the default Amped login password. FYI, every Amped extender comes with the default login password which can be easily hacked by unauthorized users. So, it is necessary to change the preset login password of the extender. Straightforward, let’s hop up to the process to change the default Amped login password via

Change Amped Extender Password via

Walk through the steps given below and learn how to change the default Amped password after accessing

Change Amped Extender Password
  • Access on an updated web browser.
  • When welcomed by the login page, enter the default login credentials of your device.
  • Click Login after entering the needed details.
  • You will get welcomed by the Amped wireless setup wizard.
  • Now, look for the Management option and click Password Settings.
  • The Password window will be displayed.
  • Type the new login password into the New Password field.
  • Once done, enter the new password into the Confirmed Password field.

Note: You can also enter the new login username if you wish to change the username of your WiFi device.

  • Click the Apply button.

The default login details will get changed via After changing the extender details, the default details will no longer be effective. So, you need to use the updated details for accessing the setup Amped wireless page in the future. In case you face any issues during the process, contact our experts. They will help you with the Amped wireless extender setup and other related issues.

Can’t Do Amped Range Extender Setup?

While learning how to setup Amped wireless extender via, many users face failure. Are you also one of them? If yes, then check out this section and learn what to do when you can’t do Amped setup.

Check the Power Supply

Just like your vehicle needs fuel to move, your Amped wireless range extender needs power to work. But, any fluctuation in power results in the inefficient working of the device. Perhaps, your extender is not getting a proper power supply due to which you are unable to get success with Amped range extender setup.

To resolve the problem, see whether the power outlet to which you have given the responsibility of supplying power to the extender is working fine or not. In case you notice any damage to the power socket, consider repairing it. You also have the liberty to select another wall socket to power up your Amped extender.

Mend the Extender-Router Connection

Knowing how to setup Amped wireless extender won’t be of any help if you fail to fulfill the condition of a stable extender-router connection. The stability of the connection depends on the distance between your devices if you have used a wireless source to connect them. However, placing them right next to each other won’t be a good idea for doing Amped setup. Therefore, always maintain an optimal distance between them.

In case an Ethernet cable has been chosen by you for establishing the extender-router connection, don’t proceed to access the Amped setup wizard without checking its physical condition. Know that any cut on the Ethernet cable has the tendency to stop you from achieving Amped range extender setup success. So, always use a damage-free Ethernet cable.

Clear the Browser’s Cache

The web browser is a gateway that lets you visit websites and access the Amped setup wizard to install the extender. But, do you know that continuous visiting of websites results in the accumulation of cache on the web browser? Well, that cache might also be the reason why you are facing failure despite knowing how to setup Amped wireless extender.

What you need to do is navigate to the settings section of the internet browser. After reaching there, delete the cache, cookies, and browsing history. Also, consider upgrading your internet browser to the latest software version. Thereafter, see if success hugs you this time.

Do Not Use the Address Bar

Forget about reaching the Amped setup wizard, you won’t even be able to access the extender’s default web address if you keep using the search bar of the web browser. Keep in mind that you can’t access the default web address of the Amped device via the search box. You will see various results, but not the one that you long for.

You should always use the address bar of the web browser to visit (the extender’s default web address). Apart from this, avoid committing typos while entering the web address. Or else, Amped range extender setup issues will continue to arise.

Update the System Software

Some users, even after being aware of how to setup Amped wireless extender continue with the installation process when their system is demanding an update. Chances are that your system is also running on an outdated software version. Remember that an outdated system software not only halts your access to the Amped setup wizard but also prevents you from performing various activities on the system.

Therefore, consider updating the OS and drivers of your system after accessing its settings. Once your system gets updated, recommence the Amped range extender setup process and check whether you are able to do so.

Do Not Skip On-Screen Instructions

After you access and reach the Amped setup wizard, you are welcomed by various instructions. These instructions further guide you on how to setup Amped wireless extender. But, it seems that you did not follow the instructions carefully.

Be mindful of the fact that skipping an on-screen instruction will result in the Amped range extender setup failure. Therefore, carefully go through every instruction appearing on the Amped setup wizard and follow it.

After you implement all these troubleshooting hacks, you will surely be able to do Amped range extender setup in a hassle-free manner. On the off-chance, you are still confused, contacting our experts will be a great option. They will tell you how to setup Amped wireless extender without committing any mistakes. In addition, you will also learn tips to get the best performance from your wireless range extender.

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